The SeaWatch
Oceanfront Condominiums
1 Cleaves Street
Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064

A Note to our Guests

Ann and I have been
spending time at the
ocean most all our
lives.  One thing that
has evolved over this
time is our fondness
and appreciation of the
off-season .

We have found it to be
an especially relaxing
and enjoyable time.  
The crowds have
thinned, the air is crisp,
and the beach
becomes deserted.

Check out our prices
on an off-season
week.  It may just  
become your favorite
time also.
In 2008 we embarked on a new and exciting adventure in our retirement. Ann enjoyed 36
years as a Visual Arts instructor at Fitchburg High School, while I had the good fortune of
spending 35 years in the Shirley School System as a middle school Science teacher.   
With Ann’s background in art education, and my long time involvement in collecting
vintage art, it was a natural extension of our interests to consider the idea of opening an
art gallery in Fitchburg.  For Ann, an art educator and watercolorist, this was a dream
come true, to have her own studio within a gallery.  For me, a collector of vintage art, this
provided the perfect venue for showcasing my collection.
We welcome you to visit our gallery at:
As far back as I can remember and before that through old family pictures, my family always
spent summer vacations at the ocean.  As a family we never did the mountains, or the lakes, or
traveled much further than the New England area, our destination was simply, and always, the
beach.  On some occasions it was just our family, other times it involved our extended family
with my uncles, aunts and their kids joining us, and still other times involved all of the above
plus friends!!   We usually stayed in the same cottage and as the years went by made new
friends that we enjoyed seeing each year.  It was our second home. Without any doubt, some
of the fondest memories of our lives were created at the shore. When we got married and had
children old enough to travel, we wanted to make sure the traditions and memories would
continue.  In June of 2000, we made the decision to make Old Orchard Beach our permanent
vacation getaway..........and the memories go on.